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Cable Strippers and Cutters
Cable Strippers & Cutters Modular Plug Crimping Tool Other Tools

Part# Description Price
Cable Strippers and Cutters
Model LY - Round Cable Stripper (For Cable out Diameter from 4mm up to 25mm)
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Cable Stripping and 110 Insertion Tool - Model HT501
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HT-501 4" Universal Stripping Tool.  For O wire (UTP) or (==) Wire and multiconductor cable from 3.5m/m - 9m/m max.   Even the irregular out of share insulation can be put into the front "V and "U" guide, rotate the tool 1 to 3 times by index finger for an easy stripping of the outer insulation.

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Cable Stripping and 110 Insertion Tool - Model TCS110
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UTP cable stripper, 110 insertion tool.  Ideal for stripping off the outside jacket of the round 1-4 pair UTP cable.  Bult-in 110 insertion tool on onde end.

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Coaxial Cable Stripper
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For RG/U-58 and 59.  Stipped length=6mm.  Fast, simple and accurate way to strip.

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Cable Cutter - Model HT Series
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Made of Carbon Steel and hardened with black oxide finished.  Not designed to cut steel.

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Computer Cable Stripping / Splitting and Cutting Tool
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Cutter - Model HT502C (For Cutting Ribbon Cable Max. 30mm Width Use)
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5 - In - 1 Precise Cutter and Stripper (Comfortable Thick Handle)
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10-20 AWG Wire Stripper and Cutter
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Electrical Cutter (For Lead and Soft Material Use .5" Electrical Cutter)
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Alloy Soft Metal Wire Cutter (Made of Alloy Steel w/ PE Handles)
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Cut up to 18AWG or 1mm Copper or Soft Metal.  5" Precise cutter, cut up to 18 AWG or 1mm Copper and Soft Steel.

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5" Cutter/ Stripper (AWG: 30-10) Up to 0.5 to 4.0mm
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Wire Stripper w/ Terminal Crimping
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Nibbling Tool
Cuts sheet plate like chassis punch.  Cuts up to 18 AWG soft metal, 1/16" soft plate.   For inside shape, drilled a 3/8" or 9.5Ų hole for starting cuts.
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Wire Stripper (For Wire, Round Cable, 0.9-2.00mm Wire)
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Coaxial, 10BASET Cable 2 Blade Stripper.  Cable Size: RG-58/U 59/U Stripping Length: 6MM-8MM
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