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19" Color Display Monitors

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Part# Name Description Price


ADI 19inch E66 Color Monitor

Package:RETAIL Part#:ADI-E66 Manufacturer URL: http://www.adi.com.tw ADI E66 19-inch Monitor 18" viewable area 1600 x 1200@75Hz

30-95 KHz horizontal frequency Plug & Play Windows 95/98/NT & Macintosh compatible Easy to use controls 3 year manufacturer's warranty

24 x 7 phone tech support



ADI 19" Trinitron Monitor

Package:RETAIL Part#:ADI-G910 Manufacturer URL: http://www.adi.com.tw MicroScan G910 Picture Tube 19" (18" diagonal viewable image), 0.24 mm Aperture Grill Pitch, FD Trinitron?Pure Flat tube Max. Resolution 1792 x 1344 @ 75Hz (maximum) Scanning Frequencies Horizontal : 30 to 110 KHz Vertical : 50 to 160 Hz Max. Video input Bandwidth 270 MHz Input Connector 15-pin D-sub Type Power Management VESA DPMS signaling method, EPA/Energy Star, NUTEK/TCO compliant Front panel controls Brightness, Contrast, Select, Adjust +, Adjust -

EasyscreenTM H/V Size, H/V Position, Overscan, Pincushion, Pinbalance, Trapezoid, Parallelogram, Tilt, H/V Moire, Color, H/V Convergence, Degauss, Language, Management, Reset, Top Corner, Bottom Corner, H/V-linearity, Zoom, Auto-Adjust EMI Safety Regulations and UL, DHHS, CSA, TUV, NORDIC (NEMKO, SEMKO, FIMKO, DEMKO) EMI FCC class B, CISPR 22, VCCI EMC CE Ergonomics ISO 9241-3, ISO 9241-7, ISO 9241-8, TCO 99



ADI 21inch 0.26dp Monitor

Package:RETAIL Part#:ADI-G1000 Manufacturer URL: http://www.adi.com.tw Specification Picture Tube : 21" (20" diagonal viewable image), 0.26 mm dot pitch, short length FST (Flat Square Tube), invar shadow mask, anti-reflection, anti-glare, and anti-static coating with low lectromagnetic field. Resolution : 1920 x 1440 @ 75Hz (maximum) Scanning Frequencies Horizontal : 30 to 121 KHz Vertical : 50 to 160 Hz

Input Signals Video : Analog 0.7 V Sync : Digital 3.3 V (pos./neg. separate) Video Bandwidth 297 MHz Input Connector 15-pin D-sub Type , BNC x 5 Display Area* Factory Setting : approx. 380 mm x 285 mm Active Area : approx. 406.4 mm x 304.8 mm Display Colors* Analog input; unlimited colors Front Panel Controls Brightness, Contrast, Select, Adjust +, Adjust - Audio Speakers 3W x 2 (optional) Built-in microphone Power Source AC 90-137V, 195-265 V (Auto-range) Power Consumption 125 watts, 140 watts with USB Safety Regulation UL, DHHS, CSA, TUV, NORDIC (NEMKO, SEMKO, FIMKO, DEMKO) Dimensions 508



CTX 19 inch Monitor .25DP 1600X1200

Package:RETAIL Part#:CTX-950SL Manufacturer URL: http://www.ctxintl.com CTX 19" MONITOR.25DP 1600X1200 19" Flat Square CRT (18" viewable size) 0.25mm dot pitch 1600X1200 75 Hz Maximum Resolution Short-Length Tube Medium short persistence phosphor Anti-glare, Anti-static faceplate sur- Face



KDS AV-195TF 19in CRT Monitor

Package:RETAIL Part#:KDS-195TF Manufacturer URL: http://www.kdsusa.com KDS 19" AV-195TF (18.0" viewable) Trinitron Color Monitor

The AV-195TF employs FD Trinitron?technology for high end graphics use. Representing the latest in monitor technology, the new AV-195TF offers 18.0 viewable inches of flat screen viewing space. A .24 mm aperture grille pitch along with a maximum resolution of 1600x1200 compliments the display. The flat screen coupled with the use of Trinitron?tube technology means the user gets a crisp picture without the curvature of a standard CRT monitor. Size: 19-inch diagonal measure (18.0" viewable) Screen: Anti-reflective coated, dark tint Trinitron with tinted aperture grille and 90 degree deflection Aperture Grille: 0.24 mm Phosphor: P22 Input: 15 pin D-sub Dot Clock: 230 MHz (max) Transient Response: < 5ns between 10-90 percent Horizontal Frequency: 30-110 kHz Vertical Frequency: 50-160 Hz Maximum Resolution: 1600 x 1200 @ 85Hz Optimum Resolution: 1280 x 1024 @ 85Hz Voltage



KDS 21" Color Monitor(VS21E)

Package:RETAIL Part#:KDS-VS21E Manufacturer URL: http://www.s3.com KDS 21-inch color monitor .27mm 1600 x 1200 max 19.9" viewable



Mitsubishi 19-inch DiamondPro 900u CRT Monitor

Package:RETAIL Part#:MIT-PR900U Manufacturer URL: http://www.mitsubishi.com Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 900u SPECIFICATIONS CRT Type: DIAMONDTRON NF (Natural Flat) CRT Size: 19" (18.0" diagonal viewable image) CRT Pitch: 0.25 mm (center)/ 0.27 mm (edge) CRT Faceplate Glass: Optical- quality, anti- static and anti- reflective CRT coating (40% light transmission). Display Area Size: (W x H) 14.4 x 10.8" (366 x 274 mm) Greater viewing area in a compact enclosure. Maximum Addressable Resolution Format: (H x V pixels) 1600 x 1200/ 75 Hz , 1280 x 1024/ 85 Hz Compatible with IBM, VGA, SVGA, XGA- 2, VESA, Apple Macintosh LC, Macintosh II, and Quadra graphics standards.

Auto- Scan Range: H: 30 - 95 kHz, V: 50 - 152 Hz, Monitor will automatically ?ock on?to any RGB analog signal within its wide operating frequency range Input Signal: Analog RGB; TTL H/ V & C Sync., Separate or composite sync. Signal Cable: 1.8m length, VGA/VGA (D-Sub 9-15HD) Cable Accessories - Free Apple Macintosh adapter (SD- 2) in carto



MAG 19" MONITOR.26DP 1600X1200

Package:RETAIL Part#:MAG-800V Manufacturer URL: http://www.mag.com Product Name : 800V CRT Type : SOHO & Corporate Series 19", High Contrast FST Tube VIS : 18.0 in Dot Pitch : 0.22mm Horizontal Pitch Resolution :1600 x 1200 Plug Play :YES Dimensions 18.1in x 18.2 in x 18.3in Weight Net: 48.5 lbs. Gross: 57.3 lbs



Mag Innovision 19-inch Monitor(XJ810)

Package:RETAIL Part#:MAG-XJ810 Manufacturer URL: http://www.mag.com Mag Innovision Monitor 19-inch Screen 1600x1200 0.26dp XJ810



NEC AS-90 19inch Monitor

Package:RETAIL Part#:NEC-AS90 Manufacturer URL: http://www.nec.com NEC 19"MONITOR .25MM 1600X1200 Standard Features: 19" Flat Square Screen (18" viewable image) 0.25mm Dot Pitch Maximum Resolution of 1600 x 1200 @ 75Hz Horizontal Scan Rate 30kHz to 95kHz, Vertical Scan Rate 50Hz to 150Hz Anti-static, Anti-glare Screen Treatment Manual and On-Screen User Controls Windows« 95 Plug-N-Play Compatible Available in Mist White



NEC 22inch Monitor

Package:RETAIL Part#:NEC-FE1250 Manufacturer URL: http://www.nec.com QuickSpecs MultiSync FE1250? Screen 22" (20" viewable image size) CRT Totally Flat Aperture Grille Maximum Resolution 1920 x 1440 @ 73 Hz Horizontal Frequency 31 kHz to 110 kHz



NEC 21inch Monitor 0.25MM 1600X1200

Package:BULK Part#:NEC-AS120 Manufacturer URL: http://www.nec.com Specifications Picture Tube/Display: 21" (20.0" viewable image size), Flat Square Tube 0.25 mm trio dot pitch, Double Dynamic Focus,B22 medium short persistence phosphor, Invar Shadow Mask, W-ARASC (wide band anti-reflection and anti-static charge). Input Video Signal: ANALOG 0.7 Vp-p/75 Ohms Positive Sync: Composite sync: TTL Level Horizontal sync: TTL Positve/Negative Vertical sync: TTL Positive/Negative Display Colors: Analog Input: Unlimited Colors(Dependent upon display card used) Synchronization Range (Automatic): Horizontal: 31 kHz to 96 kHz Vertical: 55 Hz to 200 Hz



Hitachi 19"Monitor .22 1600X12

Package:RETAIL Part#:HIT-CM771 Manufacturer URL: http://www.hitachi.com Specifications Mfr Model Number: CM771 Size/Viewable Size

19-inch/18-inch Auto Synchronization Range 31 - 96 kHz 50 - 160 Hz Maximum Resolution 1600 x 1200 Resolution/Maximum Refresh 640 x 480:160 Hz 800 x 600:145Hz 1024 x 768:115Hz 1152 x 870:100Hz 1280 x 1024:85Hz 1600 x 1200:75Hz Video Clock Frequenty 203MHz

Signal Cable(included) 15D-sub Power Supply 120/240 V (auto adjusting), 50/60 Hz. 110 W maximum (less than 15 W at standby; less than 3W at power off) Size/weight 17.6 W x 17.4 H x 17.7 D(inches), 53 lbs. including tilt/swivel base Features Hitachi's new Ergo Flat Technology

reduces eyestrain and provides the benefits of a flat-faced monitor all with a reduced depth of only 17.7 inches ?about the same depth as most 17-inch monitors.



Viewsonic E95 19 inch Monitor

Package:RETAIL Part#:VIE-E95 Manufacturer URL: http://www.viewsonic.com Key features: An excellent value, the ViewSonic E95 is designed specifically for the education, business, small-office and home-office users. Displaying images at 1280 x 1024 at an 88Hz refresh rate for eye-pleasing, flicker-free viewing, the E95 offers OnView controls, ViewMatch color control and a SuperContrast?screen for rich, sharp colors.

This monitor is MPRII and Energy 2000 certified. The E95 delivers a perfect balance of space-efficient design and high-quality screen performance in a cost-effective package. This 19" (18.0" viewable) monitor provides a super fine 0.22mm horizontal (0.26mm diagonal) dot pitch for a clear, crisp display.



Viewsonic 22 inch Monitor .25

Package:RETAIL Part#:VIE-P220F Manufacturer URL: http://www.viewsonic.com The ViewSonic P220f is the obvious choice for professionals demanding a large, high-quality flat screen monitor at an affordable price. This extraordinarily large 22" (20.0" viewable) monitor features a PerfectFlat screen with enhanced picture clarity, edge-to-edge precise images and minimum glare. The P220f offers a 0.25-0.27mm aperture grille pitch with ARAG ?screen treatment to provide users with super contrast, outstanding color saturation and a crisp image. Users will also get a flicker-free display at the maximum resolution of 1600 x 1200 refreshing at 77Hz. What's more, this monitor incorporates a new base design for easy integration with an optional ViewSonic USB hub. We are proud to introduce to you the P220f: Only ViewSonic can offer a quality 22" flat screen with all these features at an affordable price.



Optiquest 19-inch Q95 Color Monitor

Package:RETAIL Part#:OPT-Q95 Manufacturer URL: http://www.optiquest.com Optiquest Q95 19-inch Monitor 18-inch viewable area 1280 x 1024 @ 80Hz .23mm dot pitch Phosphor: RGB medium-short persistance PC and Mac compatible 15-pin mini D-sub signal Power: 3-pin plug

Dimension: 18.3in x 18.9in x 18.9 in weight: 21KG(46.3 lbs)



Optim 19-inch OP901 CRT Monitor

Package:RETAIL Part#:OPM-OP901 Manufacturer URL: NA Specification 18" Viewable area 1600x1200 Max. resolution 30-90 KHz Multi- scan Multi-language users control Low radiation Plug and play compatible




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