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17" Color Display Monitors

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Part# Name Description Price


ADI 17inch Monitor .27mm Bulk

Package:OEM Part#:ADI-CG770 Manufacturer URL: http://www.adi.com.tw Specification: 17" (16" diagonal viewable image). 0.27 mm dot pitch for crystal clear images. Capable of displaying at a maximum resolution of 1280 x 1024@ 60Hz. Specially designed for game players and SOHO users. Advanced anti-reflection, anti-glare, and anti-static screen treatment with low electromagnetic field. Space-saving cabinet design.



ADI 17inch .25mm Monitor

Package:RETAIL Part#:ADI-CG777 Manufacturer URL: http://www.adi.com.tw Specification 17" (16" diagonal viewable image). Pure Flat tube with super fine 0.25mm dot pitch for crystal clear images. Capable of displaying at a maximum resolution of 1280 x 1024 @ 60Hz. Specially designed for performance conscious users. Flattest screen with no reflection & glare. Extremely sharp focus not only in the center of the screen but also at corners.



ADI 17 inch .25mm Monitor

Package:RETAIL Part#:ADI-M700+ Manufacturer URL: http://www.adi.com.tw Specification MicroScan G700 17 " FD Trinitron?CRT Color Monitor Picture Tube 17" (16" diagonal viewable image) Max. Resolution 1600 x 1200 @ 75Hz (maximum) Scanning Frequencies Horizontal : 30 to 86 KHz Vertical : 50 to 160 Hz Max. Video input Bandwidth 175.5 MHz Input Connector 15-pin, D-sub Type Power Management VESA DPMS signaling method, EPA/Energy Star, NUTEK/TCO compliant Front panel controls Brightness, Contrast, Select, Adjust +, Adjust - EasyscreenTM H/V Size, H/V Position, Pincushion, Pinbalance, Trapezoid, Parallelogram, Tilt, H/V Moire, Color, H/V Convergence, Degauss, Language, Management, Reset, Top Corner, Bottom Corner, H/V-linearity



ADI 17 inch .27mm Monitor

Package:RETAIL Part#:ADI-M700 Manufacturer URL: http://www.adi.com.tw Specification Picture Tube 17" (16" diagonal viewable image) flat square tube (FST), high sensitivity, 0.27mm dot pitch, anti-reflection, glare coating Max. Resolution 1280 x 1024@ 60Hz Scanning Frequencies Horizontal : 30 to 70 KHz: Vertical : 50 to 160 Hz Max. Video input Bandwidth 108 MHz Input Connector 15-pin D-sub Type Power anagement EPA/Energy Star, NUTEK/TCO compliantVESA DPMS signaling method Front panel controls Power, Select, Adjust+, Adjust- EasyscreenTM Brightness, Contrast, H/V Size, H/V Position, Pincushion, Trapezoid, Parallelogram, Tilt, H/V Moire, Color, H/V Linearity, Top/Bottom Corner Management, Factory Reset, 3D (optional), Degauss. 3D Kit 3D Module (optional): 56.8K carrier, IR wireless transmitter;3D Glasses (optional): 56.8K carrier, IR wireless receiver.



ADI 17-inch F720 CRT Monitor

Package:RETAIL Part#:ADI-F720 Manufacturer URL: http://www.adi.com.tw 17-inch (16-inch diagonal viewable image). Pure Flat tube with super fine 0.25mm dot pitch for crystal clear images. Capable of displaying at a maximum resolution of 1280 x 1024@ 60Hz. Specially designed for performance conscious users. Flattest screen with no reflection & glare. Extremely sharp focus not only in the center of the screen but also at corners. Innovative 3D technology for extraordinary visual effects (optional). MPRII, TCO 95 (optional). Stand-alone speakers 2.5W x 2 (optional).



Mitsubishi 17-inch SCAN70 CRT Monitor

Package:RETAIL Part#:MIT-SCAN70 Manufacturer URL: http://www.mitsubishi.com Mitsubishi 17-inch CRT Monitor Flat-square Microfilter CRT with Invar shadow mask 1280 x 1024/65 Hz or 1024 x 768/85 Hz maximum non-interlaced addressable resolution Fine 0.28 mm dot pitch

Microprocessor-based 30 to 70 kHz horizontal auto-scan range On-screen display (OSD) control system with icon-based control panels, and intuitive front-panel buttons Cross-platform compatibility with IBM® , UNIX® , Apple® Macintosh® , Power Macintosh® , Windows® 95, Windows® 98, and high-resolution third-party graphics standards Backed by Mitsubishi? Diamond Edge: dedicated corporate sales force; three-year limited warranty; Corporate Partners Program; and nationwide service centers



Mitsubishi 17inch Diamond Pro 710 Monitor

Package:RETAIL Part#:MIT-DP710S Manufacturer URL: http://www.mitsubishi.com Specifications Display Type CRT Diagonal Size 17 in

Viewable Size 16 in Resolution 1600 x 1200 (UXGA) Pixels Pitch 0.25 mm Refresh Rate at Max Resolution 65 Hz System Type Apple?Macintosh? PC (Intel?x86 Compatible) Color Support Color Dimension 16.1 in x 17.1 in x 16.2 in (WxDxH) Weight 41.8 lbs



Mag Innovision 17inch Monitor

Package:RETAIL Part#:MAG-796FD Manufacturer URL: http://www.mag.com Product Name : 796FD CRT Type : Graphics Series 17", FD Trinitron Tube VIS : 16.0 in Dot Pitch : 0.24mm Stripe Pitch Resolution : 1600 x 1200 Plug Play : YES Dimensions 16in x 16 in x 16.9in

Weight Net: 37.5 lbs. Gross: 44.1 lbs



SONY CPD-G220R 17"Monitor (FD.24 1600X1200)

Package:RETAIL Part#:SONY-G220R Manufacturer URL: http://www.sony.com Specifications Model Number CPD-G220R Color Two toned gray CRT Super Fine Pitch 17-inch (16-inch VIS) Flat Trinitron Aperture Grille Pitch 0.24-0.25mm variable Screen Treatment High contrast AR coating Horizontal Scan 30kHz-85kHz Vertical Refresh 48Hz-170Hz Maximum Resolution 1600x1200 Recommended Resolutions 1024x768@85Hz, 800x600@85Hz, 640x480@85Hz



NEC MultiSync A700+ 17-inch Monitor

Package:RETAIL Part#:NEC-AS70 Manufacturer URL: http://www.nec.com NEC MultiSync A700+ 17-inch Monitor Screen 17" (16.0" viewable image size) CRT 0.28 mm dot pitch Maximum Resolution 1280 x 1024 @ 66 Hz Horizontal Frequency 31 kHz to 70 kHz



NEC FE700 17inch Monitor

Package:RETAIL Part#:NEC-FE700 Manufacturer URL: http://www.nec.com NEC FE700 17" CRT Monitor NEC Technologies new perfectly flat-faced MultiSync FE700 monitor delivers outstanding features and benefits to business, home and education. This value-priced perfectly flat aperture grille 17-inch (16-inch viewable) monitor offers improved image quality, an 85% reduction in glare, as well as improved brightness and contrast over traditional CRT technology. Screen 17" (16.0" viewable image size) CRT Perfectly Flat Aperture Grille Maximum Resolution 1280 X 1024 @ 66 Hz Horizontal Resolution 31 kHz to 70 kHz Picture Tube/Display: Top 17" (16.0" viewable image size), 90?deflection, 0.25 mm grille pitch, medium short persistence phosphor, perfectly flat aperture grille CRT, multi-layered, anti-static screen coating, dark-tint screen and OptiClear?screen surface.



NEC MultiSync FE750 17-inch .25mm Monitor

Package:RETAIL Part#:NEC-FE750+ Manufacturer URL: http://www.nec.com Specifications Mfr Model Number:FE750 Screen: 17 inches (16.0 in. viewable image size) CRT: Totally Flat Aperture Grille Maximum Resolution: 1600 x 1200 @ 73 Hz Horizontal Frequency: 31 kHz to 92 kHz Dimensions(WxHxD):Gross-20.9x20.7x22.8;Net-15.9x16.8x16.7 in. Weight:Net-44.1 lbs;Gross-50.7 lbs



Hitachi 17inch monitor

Package:RETAIL Part#:HIT-CM615 Manufacturer URL: http://www.hitachi.com Hitachi Model :CM615 17" monitor 0.22 dop pitch 1280x1024



Viewsocnic 17inch Monitor

Package:RETAIL Part#:VIE-E70 Manufacturer URL: http://www.viewsonic.com The 17" (16.0" viewable) ViewSonic E70 is the right choice for SOHO (small office/home office) users and students who are ready to upgrade their smaller monitor?t an affordable price. With its 0.24mm horizontal (0.27mm diago-nal) dot pitch, crisp images and brilliant colors this monitor is ideal for a wide range of applications from word processing, spreadsheets and light graphics to surfing the Internet. It even offers OnView ?controls, which allow the user to make screen adjustments via an on-screen menu. 1280x1024



Viewsonic 17 inch Monitor .25MM Monitor

Package:RETAIL Part#:VIE-E70F Manufacturer URL: http://www.viewsonic.com Feature : E70F Featuring ViewSonic's award-winning PerfectFlat technology, this 17" (16" VIS) monitor features an ultra fine 0.21 horizontal (0.25mm diagonal) dot pitch a maximum resolution of 1280 X 1024. Perfect for CAD/CAM applications and graphic designers, this monitor is priced aggessively for small business and home office use as well.



Viewsonic CRT E75 17-inch Monitor (.23/1280X1024)

Package:RETAIL Part#:VIE-E75 Manufacturer URL: http://www.viewsonic.com 16inch viewable 0.23 dot pitch max resolution:1280 x 1024

Frequency: Fh up to 70kHz, Fv up to 160kHz Height: 16.6in Width: 16.1in Depth: 17.5in 16.5kilograms or 36.3 lbs Mar-II



Viewsonic 19inch .25mm Monitor

Package:RETAIL Part#:VIE-G90F Manufacturer URL: http://www.viewsonic.com Specification The ViewSonic G90f represents an exciting technology milestone by incorporating a PerfectFlat screen with shadow mask technology for edge-to-edge precise images, sharp focus and fine image clarity. This 19" (18.0" viewable) monitor features SuperClear technology and an ultra fine 0.21mm horizontal (0.25mm diagonal) dot pitch for superior display performance. Its PerfectFlat screen reduces light reflections and is capable of a maximum resolution of 1600 x 1200. Furthermore, the monitor? base design allows easy integration of an optional ViewSonic USB hub. For the demanding users in graphic design, CAD/CAM, and general business applications, you can now find a shadow mask PerfectFlat solution in the G90f.



Optim 17-inch OP701 CRT Monitor

Package:RETAIL Part#:OPM-OP701 Manufacturer URL: NA Specification 15.8" Viewable area 1280x1024 Max. resolution 30-72 KHz Multi-scan Multi-language users control Low radiation Plug and play compatible




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