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Name Brand Laptops

M7200 Model Slimline Road Warrior Laptops.
notebooks_m7200.jpg (71439 bytes)
Brief: Ext. 8X/24X DVD, 56K V.90 Modem, 10/100 Integrated Lan, Magnesium Alloy Casing, IEEE 1394, Lithium-Ion Battery, Ext. 1.44 FDD.   Slim Design:   3.4LB.  Five Self-Set Hot keys.  Email indicator LED.  Portable, slim, and light weight for the road warrior.  Low power consumption in battery mode (IST).  One-Spindle.  Accessible to IDe/USB/ Mini USB Devices.  High Resolution 12.1XGA TFT Screen.  Standard 1 Year Parts/ Labor Factory Warrnaty.   Extended Warranties available up to 3 Years.
CPU Intel« Pentium« lll processor (Enabled with Intel« SpeedStep™ technology )
Chipset Intel« 440MX
Memory 64MB SDRAM onboard
Expandable to 192MB
External CD-ROM 24X CD-R / 8X DVD
External FDD 3.5" FDD (External,USB I/F) for 720KB/1.2MB/1.44MB
HDD 6.x/12.xGB
Display 12.1" XGA (1024X 768) TFT display
Video Support 3D
Support ATI Rage Mobility-M (4MB SDRAM built-in)
Keyboard & Button 18mm pitch / 2.5mm stroke
Five self-set hot keys & One mail checking button
Support Windows98 system start & Application start
1 button of checking battery capacity
PCMCIA Type II x 1
CardBus support
ZV Port Support
Audio System Built-in sound board
Sound Blaster Pro compatible, 16-bit sampling and playback
Crystal Clear 3D stereo enhancement
Built-in mono microphone and monaural speaker
S/PDIF Digital Audio output
I/O Port USB x 2, Mini USB x 2
IR port x 1 (FIR)
Modem (V.90/K56Flex) port x 1
LAN port x 1 (LAN & Modem w/z rubber cover x 1)
DC input x 1
VGA monitor port with door x 1 (P.P or Niron detachable )
Audio-out x 1
Mic-in x 1
Hardware volume control
IEEE1394 port x 1
CD-ROM drive port (IDE)
LAN 10Base-T/100Base-TX (Built-in)
FAX modem 56kbps modem (K56Flex & V.90) (Built-in)
Power Supply 4 cells Li-ion Battery standard, optional battery (12 cell Li-ion)
BATT Life: approximate 1.5hrs with standard battery (4 cell Li-ion) , approximate 4.0hrs with optional battery (12 cell Li-ion)
Dimensions Main unit: 269 x 218 x 24.4 mm
Weight 3.4lbs (1.58Kg) (include HDD+CPU)

How To Configure This Laptop:  (1) Purchase a Barebone Model.  (2)   Add your desired CPU Speed.  (3) Add your hard disk size.  (4) Add the memory size desired.  (5) Choose your warranty option.

Step 1:
(1) Barebone Options:

a. Part#M7200A001: 8X DVD M7200 $1392.00
b. Part#M7200A002: 24X CDROM M7200 $1282.00

Step 2:
(2) CPU Options:

a. Part#M7200B001: Intel Pentium III 650 (1.6V) $247.50
b. Part#M7200B002: Intel Pentium III 700 (1.6V) $319.00
c. Part#M7200B003: Intel Pentium III 750 (1.6V) $330.00
d. Part#M7200B004: Intel Pentium III 800 (1.6V) $440.00
e. Part#M7200B005: Intel Pentium III 850 (1.6V) $632.00

Step 3:
(3) Hard Disk Drive Options:

a. Part#M7200C002: 10GB 5400RPM $137.50
b. Part#M7200C003: 20GB 5400RPM $192.50

Step 4:
(4) Memory Size Options:

a. Part#M7200D001: 32MB SDRAM $26.00
b. Part#M7200D002: 64MB SDRAM $39.00
c. Part#M7200D003: 128MB SDRAM $72.00
d. Part#M7200D004: 256MB SDRAM $309.00

Step 5:
(5) Warranty: (Extended Warranties through Phillips)

a. 1 Year Factory Parts/ Labor $Included
b. Part#M7200E001: 3 Years Factory Parts/ Labor $220.00

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