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Wireless Keyboards
Standard Keyboards Mini Keyboards Numeric Keypads Wireless Keyboards

Part# Description Price
Wireless Keyboards
MKB975 wpe3D.jpg (10366 bytes)
IBM AT/ PS/2 Compatible wireless keyboard.  86 keys keyboard with numeric keyboard designed for Windows.  Fully function of 104, 105 key win95 enhanced layout.   Power: 1.5V AA battery x2 for keyboard transmitter.  Built in infra-Red point device function.  38Khz frequency, effective angle 360 angle degree, distance- 6 meters.  5VDC connect to host computer.







OBI-IBM Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Kit

22P5170.jpg (4599 bytes)
OBI-IBM Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Kit

Product Information

Plug and play capable - USB system attachment

Mfg. Part No. 22P5170

The IBM Wireless Keyboard and Mouse utilizing RF (radio frequency) technology is the only keyboard in the industry that leverages rapid access functions along with the scroll point mouse to provide you a cordless, clean-desk, and clutter free environment.


Cordless, clean desk, no clutter - Wireless Technology

Plug and play capable - USB system attachment

Reduces interference among devices near each other - 12 RF Channels

Efficient and work productivity enhancement - 17 Rapid Access buttons

Improve productivity with 360 degree rotation - Saddle shaped Scrollpoint mouse


Dimensions : 7.5" (W) x 2: (H) x 16" (D)

Keyboard and mouse options

Connector : USB



Intel Wireless Mouse Base Station and Keyboard

IWLESSDT01.jpg (9984 bytes)
Intel Wireless Mouse Base Station and Keyboard

Product Information

USB interface base with mouse and keyboard

Mfg. Part No. IWLESSDT01

Start experiencing wireless freedom and comfort now.


Weight : 6.67 lbs.

Keyboard and mouse options

Connector : USB

Ergonomic : No

Wireless : Yes



Interlink RemotePoint RF Combo

VP6241.jpg (7974 bytes)
Interlink RemotePoint RF Combo

Product Information

Wireless keyboard

Mfg. Part No. VP6241

Radio Frequency Wireless Technology - up to 100 feet of cordlessfreedom with no line-of-sight limitation.

Streamlined full-featured keyboard with mouse

Integrated laser pointer

Presentation software effects (on PC only)

USB Hot-Pluggable with no software drivers required

Available for both PC and Mac Systems

Keyboard and mouse options

Wireless : Yes



Logitech Corldess Freedom Pro

967044-0403.jpg (8961 bytes)
Logitech Corldess Freedom Pro

Product Information

USB and PS/2 interface

Mfg. Part No. 9670440403

Maximum freedom, flexibility and comfort

Cordless Freedom™ Pro is the ideal keyboard and mouse combination for exceptional comfort, cordless freedom and aesthetic design. In true Logitech tradition, this keyboard was designed with ergonomics in mind. The split layout with a gentle curvature makes it easy to learn to use. The iTouch functions offer you fast access to Internet and multimedia. Cordless Freedom™ Pro comes with the top-of-the-range Cordless MouseMan Wheel, a sleek, comfortable mouse with a scroll wheel and soft-touch sides.

Keyboard and mouse options

Connector : USB

Ergonomic : Yes

Wireless : Yes

Operating system

Operating System : Windows 95, 98, NT and 2000

Warranty information

Warranty terms : Five-year limited



PC Concepts Express Pro Remote Infrared Wireless Keyboard

61533.jpg (7952 bytes)
PC Concepts Express Pro Remote Infrared Wireless Keyboard

Product Information

Black keyboard with PS/2 to AT adapter; serial connector for pointing device

Mfg. Part No. 61533

The Express Pro Remote with its cord-free infrared data transfer is only the beginning of a long list of state-of-the-art features wrapped up in this keyboard. It features a convenient built-in pointing device and i-MMT internet / multi-media technology "Hot Keys".


OS Compatibility : Windows 95, 98


Weight : 3.5 lbs.

Dimensions : 2.5" (H) x 21" (L) x 8.75" (W)

Keyboard and mouse options

Number of keys : 104

Connector : PS/2, AT, Serial

Ergonomic : No

Wireless : Yes

Keyboard and pointing device

Pointing Device : Trackball

Operating system

Operating System : Windows 95 or 98

Warranty information

Warranty terms : Three year limited



MicroStealth 104-Key Wireless Keyboard

KB99NT.jpg (11475 bytes)
MicroStealth 104-Key Wireless Keyboard

Product Information


Mfg. Part No. KB99NT

With 14 internet hot keys.


Weight : 3 lbs.

Dimensions : 19.5 x 8.75 x 2.4

Keyboard and mouse options

Number of keys : 104

Connector : PS/2

Ergonomic : No

Wireless : Yes

Keyboard and pointing device

Pointing Device : I-point™ cursor pointer



Macally iWebkey

IWEBKEY.jpg (15318 bytes)
Macally iWebkey

Product Information

USB interface

Mfg. Part No. IWEBKEY

Wireless keyboard

Macally USB iWebkey is a cordless multimedia Mini Keyboard that offers 16 fully programmable short cut keys. It lets users access e-mail, audio controls, games and more with a touch of a button. iWebkey makes managing your multimedia file or applications extremely convenient. iWebkey is a true space/time saver in both professional and house user environment. A perfect tool for project tool for projector demonstration.


Wireless input for your comfort and convenience

16-programmable multimedia keys

Built-in pointing device with 2 programmable buttons

85-keys compact size keyboard for space saving

Limited lifetime warranty

System Requirement:

MacOS 9 or later

Keyboard and mouse options

Number of keys : 85

Connector : USB

Wireless : Yes

Keyboard and pointing device

Pointing Device : Touchpad

Operating system

Operating System : Mac OS 9 or later

Warranty information

Warranty terms : Limited



Gyration Wireless Keyboard

GP220-001.jpg (13069 bytes)
Gyration Wireless Keyboard Product Information


Mfg. Part No. GP220-001

The Gyration Wireless RF Keyboard is lightweight and extremely portable, yet engineered for dependability and durability. The magic is provided by Gyration's RadioLink Technology, the most advanced wireless RF peripheral network in the world. The Gyration RF Wireless Keyboard gives you the confidence to freely roam around the room without sacrificing a reliable connection to the Set Top Box or Interactive TV.


High quality, full function keyboard

17 Internet and Multimedia hot keys

Up to 100-ft RF range with no line-of-sight limitations allows you to relocate anywhere in the room

Eight channels and 65,000 unique addresses provide transmission security

Lightweight, durable construction designed for portability

Snap-On protective cover included

Keyboard and mouse options

Number of keys : 84

Wireless : Yes




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