Mobile Craze $80 Value for $72 – Save 10%

Mobile Craze $80 Value for $72 - Save 10%

Mobile Craze $80 Value for $72 – Save 10%


“Catch the Craze” that’s sweeping the nation with MobileCraze prepaid mobile content cards. Personalize your cell phone with mobile content including RINGTONES, WALLPAPER, and SCREENSAVERS! Available for download across multiple wireless carriers.

* offers thousands of pictures and ringers for you to choose from
* Each card is good for 20 downloads so you can assign a different ringtone for each of your friends and decorate your screen with lots of digital art to suit your personality each day
* Checkyour phone’s compatibility at

Restrictions apply, please see MobileCraze Terms and Conditions for details.

For web-enabled phones only. Offer may not be supported by all wireless networks. Check your phones compatibility at Data transmission charges may apply per your carrier.

$80 Gift Certificate for $72 Save 10%

Free Shipping & Handling.

* Model: Mobile Craze
* Shipping Weight: 0.25lbs
* Manufactured by: Gift Cards

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