Kali/Arnis Natural Escrima Sticks

Kali / Arnis Escrima Sticks Natural/ Plain - Doce Pares

Kali / Arnis Escrima Sticks Natural/ Plain – Doce Pares
$16.25 w/ Free Ground Freight

Kali/Arnis Natural Escrima Sticks

Filipino Doce Pares Plain Escrima Sticks

Imported from the Philippines

Genuine Kali / Arnis fighting sticks imported from the Philippines. Natural/plain style wood for practicing full contact or if you want a lighter stick to practice with.

A must have weapon for all martial arts enthusiasts.

Great to practice around, for striking a bag, or for practicing with your partner. Sticks vary in length from 28″ to 29″ depending on stock and availability.

Approx 3/4″ in diameter. Each stick is unique and hand picked. Small chips and abnormalities are normal. No 2 sticks exactly alike. Width and length may be slightly different due to the natural process.

Great for working on your hand grips and developing hand, wrist and arm strength.

The plain/natural sticks are great for full contact fighting with protective gear. Kali protective gear sold separately.

Sold in singles.

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Natural Escrima Sticks – $16.25 Each 28″-29″ Approx. 3/4″ Diamater. Free Ground Freight

* Model: Doce Pares Natural Plain Sticks
* Shipping Weight: 0.5lbs
* Manufactured by: Gungfu.com
* Sold in Singles

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