Jupiter Science Neptune JP101 Alkaline Water Ionizer

Jupiter Science Neptune JP101 Alkaline Water Ionizer

Jupiter Science Neptune JP101 Alkaline Water Ionizer

Starting at: $1,075.00 w/ Free Ground Shipping

Try it to believe it!

1. Overall Increased energy!
2. Sleep better and wake up more refreshed!
3. Better body hydration.
4. Decreased cravings for sodas and coffee.
5. Increased alertness!
6. Improved food digestion

The Neptune controls have been designed with the Western kitchen in mind. The new control panel is membrane sealed making it easy to clean with insured reliability.


Jupiter Science Neptune JP101 Water Ionizer

» 8 levels of pH accessible by push button
» Filter-only mode for purified un-ionized water.
» Hot water and low pressure alert
» Wipe down case design
» Stainless steel outlet hose for alkaline water.
» Comes with 0.1 Micron Biostone Filter or “Ultra” 0.01 micron polysulfone/activated Biostone filter.
» Audible alarm to prevent incorrect operation
» LED filter use display
» Adjustment for water hardness
» New case styling
» Musical alert when using cosmetic cleaning cycle
» 5 Year Warranty

Jupiter Science Neptune JP101 Water Ionizer

The Jupiter Science Neptune has been released due to the success of the Microlite and Melody. This new model can do everything the Microlite does, plus it comes with some of the extra quality features of the Melody.

“Jupiter Science’s latest model – the Neptune – offers quality features plus the super efficiency, reliability and great value typical of all Jupiter Science products and research.” David Forsyth, CEO

While similar in size, shape, and weight to the Jupiter Microlite, it is different in several areas:

A. Electrolysis Chamber (Water Cell)
While not as powerful as the Melody’s water cell the Neptune’s water cell is stronger than the Microlite, giving youample pH and ORP when used with almost any USA approved council water source. Jupiter is renowned for fine water cells. Did you know that Jupiter actually makes water cells for other ionizer manufacturers such as Hyundai, Samsung, Toyo and LG? And that all Jupiter ionizer cells are manufactured in Japan?

Like the Microlite and Jupiter Melody, the Jupiter Neptune water cell is designed to drain completely so that there is no standing water in the cell between uses. One of the reasons that the Neptune is programmed to go into an automatic clean cycle with every use is so that all of the standing water will be purged out. If water was allowed to remain between uses the water would not be fully ionized and could absorb flavors resulting from lime build-up within the cell.

B. Semi-Automatic Cleaning
The Melody has a patented fully automatic reverse cleaning system which gives you clean, alkaline, ionized water every time you turn on your ionizer. With other brands on the market (and with Jupiter models less expensive than the Melody) you have to wait while they clean. The Neptune will automatically go into a clean cycle each time you turn your ionizer on using the power button. If however, you simple turn off the water flow then your Neptune will go into sleep mode and will awaken when water is turned on again. If the power button is not used then there is no auto clean and you should manually clean your unit at least once every day. The Microlite does not have a power button on the front but otherwise has cleaning functions similar to the Neptune.

C. Calcium Port and LED Filter Life Indicator
The Neptune comes with an inbuilt calcium port (just like the Melody) and has a digital counter showing the estimated life of your included Biostone filter. The Microlite does not have a calcium port and uses four color bars that all light up when the filter needs to be replaced. The Melody has a full featured LED display and also comes with a calcium port. IonLife now also carries the new improved Biostone filter for the latest Jupiter ionizers.

* Warning/Indication LED Computerized lights for IONIZATION, LOW PRESSURE and HOT WATER WARNING
* LED FILTER LIFE – goes up to 9,999.
* Highest pH setting. Ideal for COOKING etc.
* COFFEE / TEA and high pH Drinking Water.
* Ideal for PASTA / RICE etc.
* Low Alkaline pH. Start for DRINKING WATER
* No Change in pH – Filtered water only. Good for SOME MEDICATIONS.
* 5 year warranty
* 3 Settings for ACID WATER – For cleaning, skin, plants etc. NOT for drinking.

Company Background

Jupiter Science has been making water ionizers since 1982 and before that were making medical equipment. Their research department is constantly at work looking at how to improve performance without having to increase power consumption or take up extra room with a bulky ionizing chamber. As a leading manufacturer of quality water ionizers, Jupiter has an ISO9001 certified production plant that can produce well over 100,000 ionizers a month (90% of all water ionizers). All Jupiter’s ionization chambers are made in Jupiter’s Japanese factory where about Engineers with Doctorates continue to research and improve on design, functionality and durability. Most models on the market are just assembled in Korea or Japan using parts (chambers) from other companies in China or Taiwan. It is Jupiter models that continue to be the choice brand for such large companies as Huyundai, Samsung, LG and Toyo. This is why it is assumed that Jupiter sells more units in the USA than all the other water ionizer companies combined. You can have confidence that Jupiter’s quality control, advanced research and great pricing will make your ionizer purchase a happy and trouble-free experience.

Select from the .1M Biostone filter or the .01M Biostone Filter

FIVE (5) years warranty on ALL Jupiter Science Ionizers

The Jupiter Science 5 year warranty provides three (3) years parts and labor, from purchase date, with FREE shipping. Then from 3 to 5 years from purchase provides an additional two (2) years with free labor. After 3 years from purchase there is also a guaranteed maximum of $160 on any repair. Jupiter Science has repair depots on the east and west coast. Customers are required to phone first for a Return Authorization Number. Toll free number is 800-875-9025.

60 Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee.

Within 60 days, if you don’t have more energy and feel better, send the units back for your money back, less shipping & handling. New units get 100% money back minus shipping charge of $25, and used units get 20% + $25 deducted.

Note: Customer is responsible for return freight. Please save all shipping material for return shipping. Product packaging must remain intact.

Tap Water – PH approx Neutral
RO – Reverse Osmosis or Bottled Water – Very Acidic Level of PH
Alkaline Water – Very high levels of Alkalinity
Coca Cola – Very Acidic Level of PH

Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery

Price: $1075.00 w/ .1M Biostone Filter
Price: $1100.00 w/ .01M Biostone Filter

Free Ground Shipping to 48 Lower States for a limited time.

* Model: Neptune
* Shipping Weight: 10lbs
* Manufactured by: Jupiter

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