Smartwrap Classic

Smartwrap Classic Colors

Smartwrap Classic Colors

Smartwrap Classic

Starting at: $7.99

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The Smartwrap is the NEW coolest accessory for your Apple iPod/Shuffle/iTouch, Creative Zen, Microsoft Zune, MP3 player and portable CD player.

It’s an eye smashing colorful gadget that helps you take control over your unruly headphone and ear bud cables. The smartwrap shortens cords that are too long and nicely organizes your headphone and earbuds when they’re not in use.

The Smartwrap is easy to use. Just clip one end to the open notch, wrap your cord around the Smartwrap to the desired length, and then snap into the second slot to secure the cable. Adjust the cord length as you like.

The Smartwrap is made of silicone rubber (elastic polymer) so it’s easy on your cords and comfortable to touch.

Product Size & Dimensions: 70mm (2.76″) L x 22mm (0.87″) W.

2.75″ (Length) x 1-14/16″ (widest point) or 10/16″ (at it’s narrowest point)

Weight: Approx. 0.2oz Each

Custom Screening Available!!   Ask us how and how much.

Available in assorted colors: clear, white, black, orange, blue, green, purple, red, pink and yellow.

Price: $7.99 for most colors. White is $8.99.

Free Ground Freight for a Limited Time!

Smartwrap Classic

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