Jupiter Melody Undersink Conversion Kit

Jupiter Melody Undersink Conversion Kit$150.00
* Free ShipRFping for a Limited Time!.  This accessory works onlywith the Jupiter Melody Unit.

Try it to believe it!
1. Overall Increased energy!
2. Sleep better and wake up more refreshed!
3. Better body hydration.
4. Decreased cravings for sodas and coffee.
5. Increased alertness!
6. Improved food digestion

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Your are purchasing the Undersink Conversion Kit for Jupiter Melody.
Professional Installation Recommended
Compatible with Jupiter Melody Only.

* Choose from Chrome or Brushed Chrome.

Company Background

Jupiter Science

Jupiter Science has been making water ionizers since 1982 and before that were making medical equipment. Their research department is constantly at work looking at how to improve performance without having to increase power consumption or take up extra room with a bulky ionizing chamber. As a leading manufacturer of quality water ionizers, Jupiter has an ISO9001 certified production plant that can produce well over 100,000 ionizers a month (90% of all water ionizers). All Jupiter’s ionization chambers are made in Jupiter’s Japanese factory where about Engineers with Doctorates continue to research and improve on design, functionality and durability. Most models on the market are just assembled in Korea or Japan using parts (chambers) from other companies in China or Taiwan. It is Jupiter models that continue to be the choice brand for such large companies as Huyundai, Samsung, LG and Toyo. This is why it is assumed that Jupiter sells more units in the USA than all the other water ionizer companies combined. You can have confidence that Jupiter’s quality control, advanced research and great pricing will make your ionizer purchase a happy and trouble-free experience.

Alkaline Water PH Balance
Alkaline Water PH Balance

Tap Water – PH approx Neutral
RO – Reverse Osmosis or Bottled Water – Very Acidic Level of PH
Alkaline Water – Very high levels of Alkalinity
Coca Cola – Very Acidic Level of PH
Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery

Price: $150.00
Free Ground Shipping to 48 Lower States for a limited time.

Jupiter Science Melody Undersink Conversion Kit

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