Ipod Funky Earbuds

Ipod Funky Earbuds for Apple Ipods and MP3 Players

Funky Assorted Colors to replace Your Existing Earbuds

Funky Assorted Colors to replace Your Existing Earbuds

Funky Earbuds

$9.00 per Set


The FUNKY ear pads are available in packs of 6 pairs. The FUNKY ear pads are also a convenient and hygienic way to ensure that the earbuds are kept clean. It is made of high quality material for the user’s comfort, as well as being durable.

Each Funky 6-pair ear pads pack retails for $9.00 and for a limited time only, we are offering FREE SHIPPING on all Funky ear pad orders. That’s $1.50 per pair!

A simple way for ipod music lovers to express themselves in different vibrant colours to suite their moods and gears. Whether you’re into the sporty colors such as pink, orange and yellow or mature tones such as red, green and blue.

The FUNKY colors are specially created to complement the colors of the smartwrap from sumajin; smartwrap is a cord manager created/designed by sumajin which has won the “Design Distinction award” from ID magazine.

Select from:
Pack A: 2Reds, 2Greens, 2Blues
Pack B: 2Pinks, 2Orange, 2Yellows
Pack C: 2Grey, 2White, 2Black
Pack D: 2Red, 2White, 2Blue
Pack E: 2Grey, 2Purple, 2Pink
Pack F: 2Red, 2Black, 2White
Pack G: 2Blue, 2Green, 2Orange

Price: $9.00 per 6Pack
Special Promo: Free Ground Shipping

Model: Funky Earbuds
Shipping Weight: 0.25lbs
Manufactured by: Sumajin

Funky Earbuds for MP3’s & Ipods

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