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Ethentica Ethenticator MS 3000

Ethentica Ethenticator MS 3000 - The Ethenticator's unique ability to grant access to networks and protected Web sites without having to remember or type passwords makes it a lifesaver while you're on the road with a thousand other things on your mind. Its secure access features put your mind at ease, too, with reliable protection from unauthorized use and data theft. The Ethenticator™ MS 3000 eliminates the need to remember passwords and lets you instantly access any web site on the Internet that requires your password, any application or other text-based information secured by a password or user name / password combination on your mobile computer. Features:Simplifies local and remote network and Internet access Prevents identity fraud Provides secure, one-touch Web transactions Protects your notebook from prying eyes Windows?95B/98/98SE/Me/NT 4 compatibility

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Ethentica Ethenticator? USB 2500

Ethentica Ethenticator? USB 2500 - Introducing Ethentica's USB Touch Verification ?SolutionEliminate Passwords! Introducing Ethentica's USB Touch Verification ?Solution Ethenticator?USB 2500 Simplifies local and remote network and Internet access Prevents identity fraud Provides secure, one-touch Web transactions Protects your PC from prying eyes Windows 98/98SE/Me/NT 4.0 (SP4 and greater)/2000 compatibility Convenient access to any PC via a USB port Size 2.3"W x 2.1"H x 4.6"D inches 1 Year limited warranty
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Key Tronic Secure Finger Print Scanner

key Tronic Secure Finger Print Scanner - The F-SCAN-S001US fingerprint product provides the ultimate in security for network users. The system uses fingerprint minutiae recognition to authenticate access to a network server, personal workstation or notebook computer. At just a fraction of the cost of other security solutions. The F-SCAN-S001US utilizes everyone's built-in authentication device to make remembering passwords a thing of the past. With secure biometric identification, passwords will never be the same. The F-SCAN-S001US product comes bundled with BioLogon software for a complete hardware and software solution. Scanner Features: Cost effective solution for network security

Uses time-proven authentication: fingerprint recognition Comes bundled with BioLogon software from Identicator Normally approves or denies access in less than a second Space saving desk size Limited 2 year warranty System Requirements: Port requirements: Parallel Port (Bi-directional, ECP/EPP) if parallel port is alre

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Kingston IdentiGuard Touch Verification

Kingston IdentiGuard Touch Verification - The Kingston IdentiGuard Touch Verification products put all your passwords at your fingertip. From websites to networks remembering your password is as easy as the touch of a finger. Eliminate the brain twisting challenge of password management by tying all of your passwords to your unique fingerprint. With the Kingston IdentiGuard you can instantly access any website, application or text based information you have secured by a password with the touch of a finger. The Kingston IdentiGuard uses patented imaging technology to capture up to 9000 unique identifying characteristics of your fingerprint ensuring an accurate match with only your fingerprint. The IdentiGuard is the first line of fingerprint verification products designed to meet the requirements of security minded IT managers, yet simple and convenient enough for home users Features: Simplify remote network and Internet access Eliminate the need to remember your passwords Increase system security by tying y

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Tosguba PC Card Fingerprint Reader

Tosguba PC Card Fingerprint Reader - Toshiba PC Card Fingerprint Reader - Logon to your laptop with a touch of your finger. The PC Card Fingerprint Reader is a break-through in security and convenience for PC laptop users. Now, inside a single type II PC card, you get a fully functional optical fingerprint reader. Just press the side of the PC card and out slides the fingerprint reader. Place your finger on the reader to authenticate, and press it back in - its that simple! Never before has so much security been packaged into such a compact and robust device. The Fingerprint Reader is a leap forward in fingerprint imaging technology. Scanner Type Fingerprint reader Max Scan Resolution - External Scan Depth - Internal Scan Depth - Horizontal Scan Size - Operating System Microsoft Windows 95/98, Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 SP3 or later

Optical Scan Resolution - Vertical Scan Size - Special Features - Included Devices - Interface Connectors None Interface PC Card General Product Info Base Warranty 1 year wa

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